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Recruitment Agency
Recruitment Agency

Since 1997 C.H. Nevin & Associates, LLC has provided job search consulting and recruiting solutions for the packaging  industries. We are are constantly looking for talent in the following positions:

    • Packaging Sales and sales management
    • Corrugator Supervisor
    • Converting Supervisor
    • Shipping Supervisor
    • Plant or Production Manager
    • Shift Supervisor
    • General Manager
    • Quality Control Managers or Supervisors
    • EHS Supervisors
    • Regional Managers
    • Designers
    • POP Designers
    • Design Managers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Electrical engineers

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Who we are and what we do:

C.H. Nevin & Associates offers:

  • Contingency and retained recruiting services specializing in

  • Sales professionals from field staff to corporate executives

  • Operations professionals from supervisors to plant managers looking for corrugated jobs, folding carton jobs and other packaging supervisory positions.

  • Enhanced programs by arrangement with client companies:

  • Customized candidate evaluation, including tools for assessing behavioral patterns, quality orientation and compatibility with client values

  • Exclusive early alerts to exceptional candidates just entering the marketplace

With over a decade of service to the industry, our knowledge sets us apart

We educate ourselves continuously. We pursue a thorough understanding of client companies’ operations, needs and values. A network of industry professionals keeps us on top of new developments and emerging talent. We constantly refine methods for screening and profiling candidates in our databases. The net result is efficient service: rapid identification of the people best prepared to make a contribution to your team.

You live up to high standards of quality. So do we.

The quest for quality begins with people. As providers of this essential resource, C.H. Nevin & Associates makes sure that quality marks every aspect of our performance:

  • Recruiting processes incorporate quality monitoring and improvement:

  • We initiate in-depth discussion with clients to understand critical dimensions of a position which cannot be expressed in a job description.

  • We profile and recommend only candidates whose values and talents best fit the special requirements of the job beyond the basic technical qualifications.

  • We follow through, assisting clients and hired candidates in the early months of their work relationship and soliciting direct feedback on our own performance from our client’s hiring authority.

  • Professional development is a priority we pursue through memberships in industry related associations.

  • We adhere to strict ethical standards:

  • We do not recruit away from companies with whom we have continuing relationships.

  • At no added cost, we replace unsuitable candidates identified within 60 calendar days of hiring.














C. H. Nevin & Associates, LLC  is dedicated and passionate about assisting packaging companies in the United States engaged in recruiting people for various corrugated jobs, folding carton jobs, and generalized packaging jobs. Please call us at 440-384-8983 if your company has an opening or if you are looking for a new position.